Natural high: Drug and alcohol use is cultural to catering, said operators (Getty/ South_agency)

‘The closest thing to being a rock and roll star is running a bar’

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Addiction in hospitality is nothing new. In 2011, research by The Insider showed chefs were nearly twice as likely to be addicted to alcohol and drugs than the average person and Gordon Ramsay has previously described cocaine as the industry’s “dirty...

Role exit: Tim Page is no longer a director at Drinkers' Voice

Tim Page steps down as director of Drinkers' Voice

By Stuart Stone

The chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Tim Page has stepped down from his role as a director of Drinkers' Voice but confirmed he's staying in place at CAMRA.

Seen as 'pathetic': Millennials no longer think getting drunk is 'cool'

Millennials: 'getting drunk is pathetic and for older people'

By Georgina Townshend

'Festival mad' Millennials have called last orders on the 'boozy pub culture', with 'wellness in and alcohol out' as they look for a wider range of experiences other than getting drunk, according to a new survey.

Blanket ban: airline Ryanair has called for a ban on alcohol sales in airport bars before 10am

Trade responds to airline's alcohol limit call

By Fred A'Court

The trade has underlined the need for the responsible sale of alcohol and action against drunken airline passengers in response to tough suggested limits on sales at airport bars and restaurants by Ryanair. 

Police objection: Stockton's Wobbly Goblin bid to stay open until 5.30am (image: Google Maps)


Police block pub’s late-night licence bid

By Nicholas Robinson

Police are obstructing a Teesside pub’s bid to open until 5.30am because of its “violent past”, despite bosses claiming the site now attracts a more “cosmopolitan” clientele.

How to deal with drunken punters

Legal Advice

How to deal with drunken punters

By Poppleston Allen

A previous article discussed the issue of drunkenness, following a couple of high-profile cases which brought this issue to the forefront.

Is Big Brother watching you?

Is Big Brother watching you?

By Ed Bedington

Big brother is watching — beware that friendly stranger at the bar chatting to your customers, he could land you in some serious trouble!

Alcohol Research sales to drunks report

Report urges action from trade on 'sales to drunks'

By Mike Berry

A new report calls for a review of the legislation on ‘sales to drunks’ — which it claims is one of the most under-enforced laws on the statute books. But is it needed? Mike Berry looks closer.

Staff: licensing law

Ten licensing law issues to teach your staff

By Poppleston Allen

It is good practice to provide training in licensing for when you are absent - here are 10 tips on the main areas of law that your staff should have some knowledge of.

Rob Willock:

We must awake from this sleepwalk

By Rob Willock

We recently published an extract from Paul Chase’s book Culture Wars and Moral Panic, in which the author describes the ‘Big Lie’ propaganda technique increasingly being used by the anti-alcohol brigade.

Minimum pricing would have 'little impact' on moderate drinkers

Minimum pricing would have 'little impact' on moderate drinkers

By John Harrington

A minimum unit price of 45p would reduce alcohol consumption for harmfully heavy drinkers on low incomes by nearly 300 units annually, but have little impact on moderate drinkers, according to a new report published in medical journal The Lancet.


The enemy within? War and drink

By Phil Mellows

Those who reckon today's temperance campaigners are over-reacting are lucky the part of Sir Ian Gilmore isn't being played by Field Marshall Douglas Haig, blogs Phil Mellows.

The Portman Group said Laverstoke Park's product labels breach alcohol responsibility rules

Portman Group and Laverstoke Park Farm: Where is the evidence?

By Publican Sam

I used to have a high regard for the Portman Group, I say "used to" advisedly having seen this report in the Publican's Morning Advertiser on the long-running dispute between this 'august' trade body and Laverstoke Park Farm over...


Getting drunk with Kettil Bruun

By Phil Mellows

As any alcohol policy geek knows, the late Kettil Bruun was the godfather of modern medical temperance.

Minimum pricing: will damage limitation work?

Minimum pricing: will damage limitation work?

By Poppleston Allen

There has been much recent publicity concerning difficulties the UK on-trade is experiencing in competing in a marketplace where most alcohol sold is now consumed at home.

Alcohol minimum pricing: the industry responds

Alcohol minimum pricing: the industry responds

The Government has proposed a minimum price for alcohol of 45p per unit in a consultation on its Alcohol Strategy. Here are the reactions from key people in the pub trade and beyond.

Reflections on the death of Griffith Edwards

Reflections on the death of Griffith Edwards

Griffith Edwards died last week. He wasn’t exactly famous, except within alcohol policy circles, but as one of the intellectual pillars of what I term medical temperance his influence and ideas shape the politics of drinking today, from the nature of...