In the can: new VAT 14 and VAT 07 are named after the vats used to mature the cider

Sheppy’s Cider makes move into cans

By James Beeson

Traditional cider maker Sheppy’s has unveiled two premium varieties of canned cider, the company’s first foray into the dispense method.

Some operators argue that good quality polycarbonate glasses are expensive

Top tips on pub glassware safety

By Poppleston Allen

Reports of glassing incidents inevitably lead the police, council authorities, judges and politicians calling for a nationwide ban on the use of glassware in licensed premises and promote the use of polycarbonate bottles and drinking vessels. These tips...

Jack William Nutting: was attacked with glass bottle

Campaign to ban glass bottles after 9pm

By Adam Pescod

A campaign in Cornwall to get glass bottles banned in pubs after 9pm has been supported by local MPs and is expected to be put to the Government this...