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The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 42

The Lock In Podcast

Can pubs shake up the cocktail market?

By Ed Bedington

The Lock In team look to shake things up when it comes to cocktails, and take a look at how pubs and bars can up their game when it comes to tapping into the growing cocktail sector.

Pick and mix: the Government has been choosy in its response to the House of Lords proposals for an overhaul of the Licensing Act

Government responds to Lords' Licensing Act Review

By Georgina Townshend

The Government has rejected proposals to scrap late-night levies (LNL), along with some other recommendations, as part of its official response to the House of Lords Select Committee’s proposals for a “major overhaul” of the Licensing Act 2003.

Police objection: Stockton's Wobbly Goblin bid to stay open until 5.30am (image: Google Maps)


Police block pub’s late-night licence bid

By Nicholas Robinson

Police are obstructing a Teesside pub’s bid to open until 5.30am because of its “violent past”, despite bosses claiming the site now attracts a more “cosmopolitan” clientele.

Health: initiatives to reduce the strength of wines and beers has already been introduced


Trade voices wade in on health and licensing objectives

By Nikkie Sutton

Licensing objectives emerged as the new front line in the looming war over the health of the nation, as experts from all sides gave evidence during a parliamentary hearing. As the heat rises, trade experts have now added their views. Nikkie Sutton reports.

Airport drinking: under review


Could this be the end of airport boozing?

By Oli Gross

The sale of alcohol in airports is to be examined by the new aviation minister in a drive to prevent booze-related incidents on flights.

ALMR's Nicholls: young people becoming 'more sophisticated and demanding' consumers


ALMR: 'Young foodies' shunning booze for dining out

By Daniel Woolfson

A nation of 'young foodies' are increasingly choosing eating out over drinking out, according to new research by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and CGA Strategy.

Alcohol-free beer no longer a pint sized issue


Alcohol-free beer no longer a pint sized issue

By Ben Winstanley

Alcohol-free beer is growing in popularity in Britain, according to new research released by AB InBev UK, and the largest beer company in the world is making steps towards growing its portfolio in response.

The Licensing Act: ten years on

Industry history

The Licensing Act: ten years on

By James Evison

Ten years on the Licensing Act has not become the ‘free for all’ that was anticipated. The Publican’s Morning Advertiser looks back at the past decade.

Is Big Brother watching you?

Is Big Brother watching you?

By Ed Bedington

Big brother is watching — beware that friendly stranger at the bar chatting to your customers, he could land you in some serious trouble!

Experts proved wrong on Licensing Act


Experts proved wrong on Licensing Act

By Poppleston Allen

Concern the Licensing Act 2003 would lead to an increase in alcohol-related crime and health issues has not come to pass.

Q&A: Police action against employees and charity events

Legal advice

Q&A: Police action against employees and charity events

By Poppleston Allen

This week's legal Q&A focuses on what to do when the police want to ban an employee from a venue, and what to do when charity winner drinks a bottle in a un-licensed village hall

The proportion of young adults who reported that they do not drink alcohol at all increasing by over 40% between 2005 and 2013

ONS: One in five adults now a teetotaller

By James Wallin, M&C Report

More than one in five adults claims to now be a teetotaller, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Drinks promotions: know the law?

Drinks promotions: top legal tips

By Poppleston Allen

In this top tips series we continue our analysis of the practical implications of the changes to the mandatory conditions on premises licence as a result of the Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) (Amendment) Order 2014. This week we look...

A drink to your good health

By Poppleston Allen

The recent announcement of Lord Brooke’s Private Members Bill “to make provision for the addition of the public health objective to the Licensing Act 2003” shows that there is still a school of thought which sees the licensing process as a means of controlling...