Rowson: pleased with E.On response

E.On to reassess pub electricity bill

By Lesley Foottit

Energy provider E.On has agreed to recalculate a licensee's £15,000 electricity bill following pressure from the Morning Advertiser.

Rowson: in dispute with E.On

E.On promises help over soaring bills

By Lesley Foottit

E.On has said it will step in to help a licensee whose electricity bills shot up from £414 a month to £2,700. The total bill for the Saddle Inn in...

Councils are pushing for higher licensing fees

Councils push for higher licence fees

By John Harrington

Local councils are pushing for reform of alcohol licence fees in a way that could ratchet up costs for pubs. Town hall lobbyists say fees should...

Gary McNaughton faced a huge bill at the New Inn

Opus pursues pub licensee for £22,000

By John Harrington

Opus Energy is trying to claim more than £22,000 from a licensee who stopped paying electricity bills after they soared from £319 to £2,200 per...

Charity: more leaseholders could buy freehold

Given the will, there's a way

By The PMA Team

Many freehold pubs are changing hands despite talk of hamstrung banks unwilling to lend money, says The PMA Team.

Punch: new admin fee

Punch Taverns under fire over admin charge

By John Harrington

A Punch tenant has criticised the pubco for adding a £25 plus VAT charge for every cash payment made to the company. Carol Anderson said she was...

British Gas: ombudsman ordered payments

British Gas told to pay licensees £2k

By John Harrington

British Gas Business has been ordered to pay a £2,000 "goodwill" payment to licensees who received a "service shortfall" over several years.

Gas bill: shocked licensee

Licensee's gas bill probed

By John Harrington

British Gas has put a licensee's account on hold while it investigates an out-of-the-blue gas bill of £10,543. Peter Saxon, of the freehold Swan...

PRS tariff: confusing for pub trade

Time to tune in to PRS tariffs

By Peter Coulson

The Performing Right Society tariff known as LP is for pre-arranged ticketed events and is not a pub tariff, says Peter Coulson.

PPL: late fees will apply

PPL adds late payment charge

By John Harrington

Music licensing body PPL is to add a 50% late payment surcharge for pubs during 2010, following a surge in delayed payments.

AWPs: managed pubs have seen an increase

Managed AWP pub machine takes up by 20%

By The PMA Team

A number of managed operators are seeing cash takes from AWP machines go up by 15%-20% thanks to good cash-hopper management, Sceptre Leisure chief...

Bugle Horn: bartering has paid off

Lincolnshire pub revives barter economy

By Lesley Foottit

The Bugle Horn in Bassingham is thriving thanks to the success of a bartering system where locals swap services and goods for drinks.

Hot issue: host Steve Roberts must pay £1,100 each month

Ombudsman demands apology for pub

By John Harrington

The Energy Ombudsman has demanded an apology from British Gas for the way it treated a licensee who was hit with a £12,000 bill.

More mistakes: licensees suffered due to faulty devices

Bombshell electric bills strike again

By John Harrington

British Gas says it has resolved more disputes over bombshell electricity bills after the Morning Advertiser intervened. Dave Foskett received a...

Tenants could save by forming buying groups

Tenants could cut utility costs

By The PMA Team & John Harrington

Both Enterprise and Marston's suggest tenants need to join buying groups to ensure they get the cheapest energy costs. The two tenanted operators...

Claiming back cash: licensees Bally and Lesley Auluk

Buying-out fines taken back by host

By John Harrington

An Enterprise Inns lessee has clawed back nearly £4,000 in fines for buying out after her bank agreed the money was taken without authorisation.

Pring: late payments are a problem

The real cost of late payment

By Andrew Pring

Taking ever longer to pay suppliers is a short-sighted policy and potentially disastrous for the industry, says Andrew Pring.

Ward: forced to close pub

High profile campaigner forced to close pub

By Ewan Turney

High profile lessee rights campaigner Inez Ward has been forced to shut her pub after bailiffs cut off the electricity. Ward, Enterprise licensee at...

Many hosts face big rates hikes

Many hosts face big rates hikes

By Gemma McKenna

Many licensees face big hikes in rates bills this year as the Government has abolished gradual rates increases. Instead, final payment is being...

Relieved: Darren Tingle with wife Lynn and daughter Laura

Opus cuts £8,000 bill down to £709

By John Harrington

Opus Energy has backed down from demanding an extra £8,000 from a licensee and increasing bills by 75%. Furious Darren Tingle was told he owed...

Enterprise Inns couple win reprieve

Enterprise Inns couple win reprieve

By Ewan Turney

A Newquay couple has won a reprieve for the second time to stay at their Enterprise Inns pub. Inez and Craig Ward, who have been at Mavericks since...