Debts should be divided into two different groups – priority debts and non-priority debts

Ten tips on dealing with debt

By Business Debtline

Business Debtline helped 26,000 struggling small businesses last year, a proportion of which were pub licensees. In this article, the charity offers 10 tips you can use to help get back on the road to financial health.

Chapel Down CEO Frazer Thompson is excited about the company's future

Winemaker Chapel Down secures new funding

By Mike Berry

English winemaker Chapel Down has secured over £4.3m in new funding and appointed ex-Scottish & Newcastle chief executive John Dunsmore to the board as it gears up for expansion.

The day I became a pubco CEO

The day I became a pubco CEO

By Robert Sayles

An official looking letter arrived through the post last week. It was an invitation to Number 10.


The Big Interview: Steve Benger, WaverleyTBS

By John Harrington

Steve Benger is probably using a degree of understatement when he describes the recent period around WaverleyTBS’s demise as “fraught”.Few business collapses in this industry have had such a impact, and affected so many people so quickly, as that of Waverley.

Ian Hayes: he does not appreciate demands without any explanation

WaverleyTBS debtors face debt collection letters

By Gurjit Degun

Businesses that were in debt to former drinks supplier WaverleyTBS when it fell into administration are being forced to pay their debts in seven days or face legal proceedings.

Cask & Bottle: struggling with bills

Pub host struggles to pay £13k utility bill

By Adam Pescod

A Warwickshire licensee has advised others not to “bury their head in the sand” over utilities bills as he struggles to repay British Gas for two years’ worth of electricity.

Punch: under fire over charge

Host slams Punch internet charge

By Michelle Perrett

A licensee has hit out at Punch Taverns for charging £25 for every internet money transfer she makes to pay her rent and other fees.

Claytons: received no electricity bill for three-and-a-half years

Energy ombudsman gives pub time to pay

By Adam Pescod

A licensee in Devon is paying electricity bills totalling £87,000 to energy company Scottish Power after a ruling by the Energy Ombudsman. Ryan...

AWP rebates: keep safe until after appeal

Pubs warned over AWP VAT rebates

By Michelle Perrett

Licensees need to set aside their VAT rebates on amusement with prizes (AWP) machines, warns expert. A European Court of Justice case, scheduled for 30 June, could set a precedent allowing HMRC to appeal the refunds.