£1 please: Operators encouraged to join fundraising efforts (Getty/ Ika84)

Call for operators to fundraise for Ukraine

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Staff at the Piano Works, central London have called for operators to unite and fundraise for the people of Ukraine who are suffering from lack of shelter, safety, water and food.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 37

The Lock In Podcast

Money trouble: Pub finance challenges

By Ed Bedington

With finances facing an ever-growing squeeze and debts coming home to roost next month, the Lock In team take a look at what pub operators should be thinking about when it comes to managing cash flow, dealing with debt, handling the current utilities...

Latest addition: the new £50 note will come into circulation in June and has two security features, which can be checked to ensure they are genuine (image: Bank of England)

New polymer £50 note revealed

By Nikkie Thatcher

A new polymer £50 banknote will be joining the £20, £10 and £5 notes when it is released into circulation later this year.

Pub of the Future: The Morning Advertiser's technology hub

Special report

Pub of the Future: How technology can save your business money

By The Morning Advertiser

Technology for pubs has advanced light-years in recent time, but arguably pubs themselves haven’t taken up much of the new tech. That's all changing though, so read on to find out what's new and how the right tech can benefit your business....

Fighting back: Anneliese Smith launched a fundraising effort to retrieve the pub’s takings that were stolen during a burglary

Publican’s daughter recoups stolen £3.4k takings

By Alice Leader

A theft of more than £3,000 worth of pub takings almost saw a hospitalised publican become homeless as the burglary threatened the pub’s closure – but his daughter’s fundraiser saved the day.

Know the score: the new £20 note is being released on 20 February

9 things to know about the new £20 note

By Nikkie Thatcher

The new polymer £20 note is due is being released into circulation today (20 February) and it has various security features that can help operators confirm the money is genuine.

Money worries: last year, 60% of January enquiries to the LTC were from people seeking financial support

How pub workers can beat the January blues

By Stuart Stone

In light of seasonal splurging and early December paydays, the Licensed Trade Charity has issued a short guide to help pub workers beat January money blues.

Credit: Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock


What new technology are we going to start seeing in pubs?

By Nigel Huddleston

Last month saw the ninth anniversary of the iPhone, the game-changer that transformed the humble mobile phone into a family photo album, record collection, video library, shopping mall, game centre and mind-blowing universal information resource.

Wordsworth Hotel Cockermouth tenant calls for more support from Punch


Punch tenant calls for more pubco support

By Emily Sutherland

A Punch Taverns tenant has urged pub companies to provide more support after falling behind with rent payments and being asked to leave her pub after seven years.

Plug in - or get switched off


Plug in - or get switched off

By James Evison

Pubs are beginning to embrace technology but they must go further to meet customers' expectations and identify the areas where they are still lagging behind. James Evison reports.

White Swan at Wighill


My pub: The White Swan, Wighill

By Sheila Mcwattie

Wesley Chamberlain, chef and co-tenant of the privately leased White Swan at Wighill, North Yorkshire, tells Sheila McWattie about boosting business with bartering, cyclists’ snacks, veg and cake shows and a breakfast club

Bramwell Pub Company, EBITDA

Bramwell owed £60.6m at collapse

By John Harrington

Bramwell Pub Company collapsed owing £60.6m to creditors, according to a new report that says the decision to put the company in administration followed a deterioration of trade and was sparked by one of its suppliers reducing its credit terms and demanding...

British Gas pub bills

PMA helps resolve £3,000 British Gas bill row

By Ellie Bothwell

British Gas has agreed to pay more than £3,000 to resolve an electricity bill dispute with a Buckinghamshire licensee after the Publican’s Morning Advertiser (PMA) intervened.

Pubs debt advice

Ten tips on dealing with debt

By Business Debtline

Business Debtline helped 26,000 struggling small businesses last year, a proportion of which were pub licensees. In this article, the charity offers 10 tips you can use to help get back on the road to financial health.

Chapel Down English winemaker

Winemaker Chapel Down secures new funding

By Mike Berry

English winemaker Chapel Down has secured over £4.3m in new funding and appointed ex-Scottish & Newcastle chief executive John Dunsmore to the board as it gears up for expansion.

The day I became a pubco CEO

The day I became a pubco CEO

By Robert Sayles

An official looking letter arrived through the post last week. It was an invitation to Number 10.

The Big Interview: Steve Benger, WaverleyTBS

The Big Interview: Steve Benger, WaverleyTBS

By John Harrington

Steve Benger is probably using a degree of understatement when he describes the recent period around WaverleyTBS’s demise as “fraught”.Few business collapses in this industry have had such a impact, and affected so many people so quickly, as that of Waverley.

WaverleyTBS debtors face debt collection letters

WaverleyTBS debtors face debt collection letters

By Gurjit Degun

Businesses that were in debt to former drinks supplier WaverleyTBS when it fell into administration are being forced to pay their debts in seven days or face legal proceedings.

Pub host struggles to pay £13k utility bill

Pub host struggles to pay £13k utility bill

By Adam Pescod

A Warwickshire licensee has advised others not to “bury their head in the sand” over utilities bills as he struggles to repay British Gas for two years’ worth of electricity.

Host slams Punch internet charge

Host slams Punch internet charge

By Michelle Perrett

A licensee has hit out at Punch Taverns for charging £25 for every internet money transfer she makes to pay her rent and other fees.

AWP rebates: keep safe until after appeal

Pubs warned over AWP VAT rebates

By Michelle Perrett

Licensees need to set aside their VAT rebates on amusement with prizes (AWP) machines, warns expert. A European Court of Justice case, scheduled for 30 June, could set a precedent allowing HMRC to appeal the refunds.

Closed: pubs are struggling

Bars and restaurants 'are most distressed'

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Bars and restaurants are showing the biggest signs of financial distress amongst UK businesses, according to the latest Red Flag Alert released by...

Energy Price Watch: get in touch and tell us how much you pay

Pub host urges caution over energy bills

By Gurjit Degun

A licensee is urging others to keep an eye on their bills and bank balance, after encountering an ongoing energy nightmare with several suppliers....

Councils are pushing for higher licensing fees

Councils push for higher licence fees

By John Harrington

Local councils are pushing for reform of alcohol licence fees in a way that could ratchet up costs for pubs. Town hall lobbyists say fees should...