Occupational Safety And Health

Dealing with complaints: Fred A'Court shares the dos and don'ts

Need to know: how to deal with complaints

By Fred A'Court

Complaints are an occupational hazard in the pub trade – no matter how good you are – so what are the best ways to deal with them constructively?

Electricity and faulty equipment is a big cause of workplace accidents

Top tips on electrical safety in your pub

By Pat Perry

More than 1,000 accidents at work each year are as a result of electric shock or burns from electrical equipment. As an employer, it’s your duty to ensure that your workplace is maintained in a safe condition. Here are some top tips to help you ensure...

Noise regulations place a duty on all employers whose staff are or may be exposed to noise

How to... Handle noise at work

By Pat Perry

Noise at work comes in many different forms, but in the case of pubs, it is usually from live or recorded music in your venue. Excessive noise can damage hearing and in some cases lead to deafness, it can also be a safety hazard by interfering with communication...

Health & safety: new national code expected April next year

Health & safety: new national code expected April next year

The sphere of health and safety in this country is perceived by some to be unnecessarily complicated. There are myriad regulations and codes of practice, making it very difficult for small businesses, in particular, to have sufficient resources to get...