Snack Foods

Health kick: some 20% of consumers are willing to pay more for snacks with nutritional benefits

Snacks: it's in the bag

By Emma Eversham

With a lot of innovation going on in bagged snacks, we take a look at the latest products on offer, whether it’s worth stocking bagged snacks, what the ideal range is and what consumers are looking for. Emma Eversham reports.

Nutty for snacks: the pick of the treats available now

What is your favourite: nuts or scratchings?

By Michelle Perrett

Pub snacks are the lifeblood of all pub premises and an easy up-sell on a drinks round. Whether it is a bag of crisps, popcorn, nuts or scratchings, getting consumers to have an extra nibble is a ‘win win’. We take you through our pick of the snacks.

Get your nuts: snacks are a good income stream for pubs

Bagged snacks

More than a mouthful of nuts: snacks go upmarket

By Nicholas Robinson

A pint of lager and a packet of crisps still hold good for many pubs, but offering something different could generate more profit, Andrew Don reports

Boost trade with snacks

Pub snacks: bags of potential

By Tony Halstead

Tony Halstead finds there are lots of ways licensees can boost interest — and revenue — through pub snacks.

Crunch time

Crunch time

The nation's insatiable appetite for snacks has food manufacturers competing for a bigger cut of the action. But are hosts beingbombarded by too much...