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GBPA 2023: social media round up (Image credit: Carl Sukonik)

GBPA 2023

GBPA 2023 social media highlights

By Rebecca Weller

Operators from across the sector took to social media to share their excitement at the Great British Pub Awards (GBPA) 2023.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 50

Digital delights

By Ed Bedington

How does the digital world fit into the analogue world of pubs? The Lock In team take a deep dive into digital with help from a range of guests including superstar chef Gary Usher.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 44

The Lock In Podcast

Do pubs need to improve on tech?

By Ed Bedington

Are pubs behind the curve when it comes to the digital world? Are we not embracing technology enough? The Lock In team tackle the subject with a range of guests debating everything from back of house tech, to whether customers should be allowed to google...

'Instagrammable': Be a voice, not an echo (Credit: Getty / villagemoon)

How to make your pub more 'Instagrammable'

By Rebecca Weller

Social media has always been an important tool for the hospitality sector but following several lockdowns and the nation getting used to the ‘new normal’, a strong social media presence is more important than ever.

Number increase: 2,500 pubs closing is more than double the number of venues shutting their doors than in previous years

Estimated 2,500 pubs lost in 2020

By Nikkie Thatcher

More than 2,000 pubs have been lost this year, over double the number in previous years, it has been estimated.

Pubs recognised: here's what pubs had to say about the Great British Pub Awards 2020 on social media

Great British Pub Awards on social media

By Emily Hawkins

Pubs shared their delight at being recognised by The Morning Advertiser’s Great British Pub Awards Pub Heroes on social media last night.

Social-friendly: small biz owners make changes to their sites to be more appealing on social media

Operators alter sites for social media

By Alice Leader

Social media is proving to have quite an impact on small businesses as operators reshape their sites to make them more visually enticing.

Snap decisions: What should you keep in mind when posting images of customers?

Can you post images of customers on social media?

By Emily Hawkins

You want potential customers to see images of a bustling venue with happy faces when they look up your website or go to your social media page. But is there a risk in posting images of punters?

Perfect pictures are not crucial for pub success on Instagram

Get the picture: promoting your pub with Instagram

By Claire Churchard, Georgina Townshend and Stuart Stone

Humans are visual beings, making Instagram an ideal place to showcase your pub. Experts and operators reveal how they get over the line first in a photo finish.

Poor image: firing someone via text or social media could lead to a damaged reputation and/or an employment tribunal

How NOT to fire your pub staff

By Georgina Townshend

After a pub landlord has been blasted this week for firing five staff members via text and Facebook, The Morning Advertiser finds out the best way of letting your staff go - and avoiding a potentially costly employment tribunal and a damaged reputation.

Ghoulish: give customers a right fright on Halloween

Scare their pants off – top tips for Halloween in the pub

By Nicholas Robinson

Everyone loves a theme, especially around Halloween. Whether it is a spooky drinks menu, a ghoulish food offer or a full-blown American-style fancy dress party, Halloween is the perfect time of year to boost sales.

Dealing with complaints: Fred A'Court shares the dos and don'ts

Need to know: how to deal with complaints

By Fred A'Court

Complaints are an occupational hazard in the pub trade – no matter how good you are – so what are the best ways to deal with them constructively?

Like, what's a pub?: Generation Z puts a spanner in the works for pubs

Generation Z ‘too awkward for pubs’

By Nicholas Robinson

The next generation suffers from an obsession with social media and a limited desire to drink, which puts visiting the pub almost to the bottom of the list of where they want to spend their time.

Boost: advice on driving spirits sales in pubs

In association with Diageo

How to drive spirits sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Cocktails in pubs are on the rise, but making money from mixed drinks is not as simple as just putting a menu together. Operators must not only consider what their back bars say to customers walking through the door, but also how their online and social-media...

Social media: Millennials explain why they go to the pub

What the Millennials say about pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Drinks offers, atmosphere, ‘shareability’ and the entertainment available in the pub play a big part in where Millennials choose to spend time in the on-trade.

Glasgow pub's version of the toilet sign that went viral


'Wee jobby' pub sign is 'just a joke'

By Helen Gilbert

A manager of a Scottish pub has declared that he has no issue with people using the toilet in his pub after a sign he wrote as a ‘joke’ went viral.

MA500 business club meeting in Leeds


Northern Powerhouse: how the top operators roll

By Nikkie Sutton & Liam Coleman

The latest MA500 event took place in the booming Yorkshire city of Leeds in September. Members heard from experts in the field of design, employee engagement and social media, as well as fellow top operators. 

Social media and the law


Social media and the law

By Poppleston Allen

Whether you are a social media guru or have never posted a tweet in your life, the platform is here to stay.

Grow sales: use newer technology for food and drink pairings


Snapchat your food and drink for better sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Operators must embrace newer social media outlets such as Snapchat and Instagram, and ditch older forms like Twitter to maximise food and drink pairings, a research organisation has said.

Adapt to fast-changing youth culture, pubs warned


Adapt to fast-changing youth culture, pubs warned

By Daniel Woolfson

‘Generation Z’ tends to get a rough ride in the press, being simultaneously branded as humourless tech-obsessives and shameless social media self-promoters. 

Pub social media tips

Digital Marketing

5 simple social media tips for pubs

By Emily Sutherland

Although it might be unfair to brand the pub trade as stuck in the dark ages, there’s certainly more licensees could be doing when it comes to social media. Here are 5 tips to get started.

How chefs use social media


Revealed: Chefs’ social media habits

By Nicholas Robinson

Chefs are social media savvy and take to platforms like Twitter and Facebook to look for suppliers, jobs and staff, new research from William Murray Communications claims.