Triple whammy: alcohol prices have been impacted by Brexit's effect on sterling, rising inflation and a duty rise

UK has fourth highest booze prices in Europe

By Nikkie Sutton

The average price of alcohol in the UK is 42.7% higher than the EU average – the fourth highest in Europe beaten only by Sweden, Ireland and Finland, according to new research.

Selective approach: leaked Government document suggests cut in EU low-skilled workers

Leaked document proposes curb on low-skilled EU migrants

By Georgina Townshend

New restrictions could be introduced by the Government to cut the number of low-skilled EU migrants working in the UK immediately after Brexit, according to a leaked Home Office paper obtained by The Guardian.

Mahou: draught launch

Mahou's draught launch

By Robyn Black

Carlsberg is to launch its premium Spanish lager Mahou on draught, following the success of the brand in 330ml bottles, which it launched last...

Spanish food and wine at La Tasca

Making Spanish wine work in pubs

By Robyn Black

Spanish wines offer a wealth of opportunities for canny pub licensees with new varietals and upcoming regions. Robyn Black reports.

Sun yearn

Sun yearn

A life behind a bar in sunny Spain may be the dream of many running pubs in chilly Britain, but as Tony Halstead discovers, it can lead to heartache...