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'Ridiculous proposition': Wright (second right) is 'constantly bewildered' by the number of job applicants who refuse to work beyond 11pm

MA at 225

‘Staff, staff everywhere, but no one working shifts’

By Ken Wright

Flexible rostering, zero hours, part time, full time, weekends only, school hours, no late nights... the list of ‘wants’ by staff and trendy working styles in this industry will be the death of us, says Ken Wright, managing director of The Phoenix Artist...

Looking back: key developments in tech have moved the humble pub ever forward

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How has pub technology changed since 1794?

By Stuart Stone

The trade has come a long way in the 225 years since The Morning Advertiser was first printed, and technology has pushed the pub sector further forward in many aspects. Here we look at the key developments

Chair's viewpoint: JDW boss Tim Martin has given a written response to an article in The Guardian

JDW boss hits back at Guardian journalist

By Nikkie Sutton

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) founder Tim Martin has lambasted claims made by a journalist Owen Jones from The Guardian, who criticised the wages the pub group pays.

Allied: pubs remained an important part of British culture during the World Wars

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How the pub survived the World Wars

By Phil Mellows

Pubs have always fought through tough times, and world wars in the 20th century certainly offered hugely difficult periods.

Pub champ: Anne Main MP says a one-size-fits-all business rates model does not work for pubs in her district

A group of publicans has united against the rates system

By Emily Hawkins

Ahead of a parliamentary probe into the business rates system, The Morning Advertiser (MA) spoke to St Albans MP Anne Main about her work raising the concerns of the city’s publicans in Westminster.

Legislative timeline: what changes have passed through Parliament since The Morning Advertiser was founded 225 years ago

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Putting the house in order

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen unravels legislative twists and turns affecting the pub trade in the past 225 years.

Delegated responsibility: personal licence holders can authorise others to sell alcohol

Legal Q&A: freepour warning

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at the rules governing free-pouring and personal licences.

Spell it out: be precise when setting out your plans for door staff

Legal top tips: How simple errors can prove costly

By Poppleston Allen

Sometimes the easiest of tasks pose the direst of consequences if you get them wrong. I have often seen applications rejected, stalled or have unintended consequences for the simplest of mistakes.