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Restrictions eased: since pubs reopened on 4 July, schools and universities have also reopened and the public has been encouraged to return to work

How many coronavirus cases since pubs reopened?

By Nikkie Thatcher

With Government and health experts seemingly pointing the finger at pubs, The Morning Advertiser analyses the number of coronavirus cases reported since the sector reopened up until 15 September.

Comment by Nicholas Robinson, Managing Editor


Could new coronavirus laws be helpful?

By Nicholas Robinson

New laws announced by the Government to help protect the public from the coronavirus may sound like another layer of damaging bureaucracy for pubs, but they could be helpful.

Bolton restrictions: the Government has ordered all pubs in the town to close for eating or drinking in

Bolton pubs limited to takeaways

By Emily Hawkins

Pubs in the Greater Manchester town of Bolton will only be allowed to operate as takeaways in a tightening of local coronavirus restrictions there.

Calorie guidance for pubs

Pubs asked to reduce calories by 20%

By Emily Hawkins

The Government has set out voluntary calorie guidelines for hospitality venues as part of its plan to tackle obesity.

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