Licensing law

Drink driving and bankruptcy query: Will a drink driving conviction and having been declared bankrupt impact someone's ability to be a site's DPS?

Legal Q&A: Drink driving, bankruptcy and CVAs

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at the impact of bankruptcy and a drink driving conviction on employment as well as what options are on the table to manage a barren spell in business.

Hot food rules: What additional permissions do pubs need to provide hot food later into the evening?

Legal Q&A: Rules on serving hot food

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at the rules governing service of hot food and drinks.

Street smart: You may need a pavement license

Get permission for your outside seating area

By Poppleston Allen

It’s May, we are in the middle of spring (officially), with longer days and the hope of some sunshine, many of your customers will no doubt want to sit outside your premises enjoying a meal or a drink.

Plan ahead: Tension can run high during a world cup tournament

Be a responsible world cup host

By Poppleston Allen

As football fanatics and detractors alike brace themselves for a summer of national flags, bunting, shouting at televisions, and packed pubs, so too does the hospitality sector.

Labelling issues: current regulations cause confusion

A guide to low and non-alcohol descriptors

By Poppleston Allen

Following the increasing popularity of low and no-alcohol drinks, the Government has responded to calls for the need to review the labelling of such drinks before the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 expire in December 2018

Your help needed: pubs must help reduce risks to their customers

How to help battle the ongoing fight against terror

By Poppleston Allen

We don’t need to be reminded of the atrocities recently in Carcassonne, France. This historic city was blighted with an act of terrorism leaving five dead, including a police officer who exchanged himself for a hostage and paid the ultimate price.