Licensing law

Mini rant: Mistakes happen but the latest legislation could stifle sensible discussion and resolution

Best to keep mum

By Poppleston Allen

Mistakes happen but the most recent legislation could be said to make sensible discussions and rectification more difficult

Failed test purchase: 'Once you have determined exactly what happened, enter into open dialogue with the licensing officer', says Poppleston Allen

Legal Q&A: Failed test purchases and closure notices

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at best practice following a failed test purchase and what steps an operator can take in response to a ‘s19 closure notice’.

Reel to reel: Tips on keeping gaming machines in pubs

'What happens if an under-18 uses my gambling machine?'

By Poppleston Allen

Many pub and club operators holding premises licences under the Licensing Act 2003 operate gaming machines within their premises, often under a notification for two machines or a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit (LPGMP).

No appetite yet: changes to the late-night levy policy are likely to include food premises such as kebab shops and not just pubs

Late-night levy changes are close

By Poppleston Allen

As you may be aware Southwark and Redbridge have become the latest London boroughs to throw their hats into the late-night levy ring, confirming they both intend to consult on adopting a levy, with a view to taking effect in September and October 2019...

Different approach needed: licensee Elaine Hamer believes publicans are fighting a losing battle against drugs

Licensee's views on drug use in pubs

By Robert Mann

The use of illicit drugs in pubs is not a new problem and is one that continues to cause headaches for operators and, unfortunately, even the most responsible and well-run licensed premises are not immune from issues surrounding them.

Delegated responsibility: personal licence holders can authorise others to sell alcohol

Legal Q&A: freepour warning

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at the rules governing free-pouring and personal licences.

Spell it out: be precise when setting out your plans for door staff

Legal top tips: How simple errors can prove costly

By Poppleston Allen

Sometimes the easiest of tasks pose the direst of consequences if you get them wrong. I have often seen applications rejected, stalled or have unintended consequences for the simplest of mistakes.

Children in pubs: Poppleston Allen's Graeme Cushion discusses what pub operators need to know about youngsters in pubs

In association with Poppleston Allen

Need to know: children in pubs

By Poppleston Allen

The questions of whether children can work in licensed premises or indeed be in those premises as a customer are ones that sometimes cause confusion and therefore may benefit from some clarification.

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