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Creating a 'good vibe': 'incidental' music is allowed in pub gardens

Legal Q&A: music volume and personal licences

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A with specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at the regulations governing music volume and personal licence holder's with prior convictions

Illegal screening: Fladgate partner Alex Haffner explains how pub operators can determine if their broadcasts are genuine

How can pubs detect illegitimate sports broadcasts?

By Stuart Stone

The Morning Advertiser spoke to Alex Haffner, a partner in the sports business group at law firm Fladgate, to discuss how publicans can detect whether or not their sports broadcasting platform is legitimate.

Nothing to be scared of: make the most of festive dates to increase takings

Legal Q&A: Trading on notable days

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen tackles trading on notable days and licensing checks for making changes to a pub forecourt

Noise abatement notices: it is crucial that your premises operates within its restrictions

Top tips: dealing with licensing inspections

By Poppleston Allen

Authorised officers from the licensing authority, police and environmental health can arrive at a premises unannounced to scrutinise the operation and seek out every non-compliance under a premises licence.

Fun times: Bingo is back with a bang but make sure you don't fall foul of the Gambling Act 2005

Know the rules on bingo variants

By Poppleston Allen

Bingo is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment with new and innovative approaches to the game that appeal to a wider audience.

Pub gardens and licensing laws, beer, legal

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

Need to know: pub beer gardens and licensing laws

By Poppleston Allen

The pub garden, be it a grassed expanse, an inner city stone flagged sanctum or an elaborately planted feast for the eyes, is always a much sought-after idyll for a drink or a meal.

Outside in: organise events to maximise outdoor spaces

Making the most of the hot weather

By Poppleston Allen

It is fair to say that the prolonged period of hot weather has taken us all by surprise, lasting much longer than the usual couple of weeks of sunshine we usually experience during the

TENs and converting space: The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at temporary event notices (TENs) and space conversion.

Legal Q&A: TENs and converting space

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at temporary event notices (TENs) and space conversion.

Conditions: Check your licensing regarding whether children are allowed in your premises.

Family matters at licensed premises

By Poppleston Allen

The summer holidays are fast approaching and you may notice an increase in the number of families coming into your premises with children. It is important that staff are trained in relation to the presence of children and your responsibilities under the...

Sports betting: It is an offence under the Gambling Act 2005 to allow, cause or permit your pub to be used to provide facilities for betting.

Sports betting: It’s not worth gambling with your licence

By Poppleston Allen

We are a nation of punters. No doubt some of you reading this will have put a bet on a horse running in the Grand National or at Cheltenham or, more recently at Ascot, or on a team to win the World Cup in Russia (although hopefully not Saudi Arabia!).

Expert opinion: Lisa Sharkey doesn't see much early impact for licensing from Brexit negotiations

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

How could Brexit affect licensing laws for pubs?

By Poppleston Allen

With less than nine months to go until the UK leaves the European Union (EU), Lisa Sharkey, managing partner at law firm Poppleston Allen, outlines the impact Brexit could have on the country’s licensing laws.

Drink driving and bankruptcy query: Will a drink driving conviction and having been declared bankrupt impact someone's ability to be a site's DPS?

Legal Q&A: Drink driving, bankruptcy and CVAs

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at the impact of bankruptcy and a drink driving conviction on employment as well as what options are on the table to manage a barren spell in business.

Hot food rules: What additional permissions do pubs need to provide hot food later into the evening?

Legal Q&A: Rules on serving hot food

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at the rules governing service of hot food and drinks.

Street smart: You may need a pavement license

Get permission for your outside seating area

By Poppleston Allen

It’s May, we are in the middle of spring (officially), with longer days and the hope of some sunshine, many of your customers will no doubt want to sit outside your premises enjoying a meal or a drink.

Plan ahead: Tension can run high during a world cup tournament

Be a responsible world cup host

By Poppleston Allen

As football fanatics and detractors alike brace themselves for a summer of national flags, bunting, shouting at televisions, and packed pubs, so too does the hospitality sector.

Labelling issues: current regulations cause confusion

A guide to low and non-alcohol descriptors

By Poppleston Allen

Following the increasing popularity of low and no-alcohol drinks, the Government has responded to calls for the need to review the labelling of such drinks before the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 expire in December 2018

Your help needed: pubs must help reduce risks to their customers

How to help battle the ongoing fight against terror

By Poppleston Allen

We don’t need to be reminded of the atrocities recently in Carcassonne, France. This historic city was blighted with an act of terrorism leaving five dead, including a police officer who exchanged himself for a hostage and paid the ultimate price.

One glass too many: Even one glass related incident can warrant attention from police

Legal Q&A: one glass too many

By Poppleston Allen

This legal Q&A takes a look at the impact of a police request for a venue to switch from glass to polycarbonate drinking vessels, and the ins and outs of transforming a site from a restaurant operation to a bar.

What's to come: possible exemptions to the policy could be found in cheese shops or wine bars

Could cumulative impact zone policies stifle pub innovations?

By Poppleston Allen

Local authorities up and down the land have adopted a wide range of cumulative impact policy zones, covering specific geographical areas where unacceptable levels of crime, disorder or public nuisance are deemed to take place.

Beer walls and apps are the much publicised latest leaps forward in alcohol delivery tech

Facing up to latest innovations

By Poppleston Allen

There has been publicity in recent months concerning a couple of technical innovations in terms of the delivery of alcohol to customers within licensed premises.