Licensing law

Plan ahead: it’s often fun in the sun but heed the advice regarding neighbours

Top tips: beware of the noise in beer gardens

By Poppleston Allen

During the Easter break, one of my highlights was sitting with friends in a beautiful little beer garden for an evening spent catching up over a gin and tonic or two.

By the book: legalities must be qualified when facing an interview under caution

Being interviewed under caution

By Poppleston Allen

When a regulator has carried out an inspection or been called to a premises after an accident, you may then receive a letter asking a company representative or an individual to take part in an interview under caution.

Stay legal: Most councils will require you to have a pavement licence

Top tips if you’re planning to go alfresco

By Poppleston Allen

As the evenings grow longer and (we hope) the temperature rises, operators up and down the country will be looking to capitalise on the demand for alfresco drinking and dining.

Tackling licensing issues: Poppleston Allen advises operators to check game times at this year's Rugby World Cup in Japan against their premises licence conditions

Legal Q&A: Rugby World Cup screening

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen tackles operator questions around screening the Rugby World Cup.

Flag it up: Many areas with a cumulative impact policy have Purple Flag status, meaning they are recognised as diverse, safe and enjoyable at night

Stay on top of your stress areas

By Poppleston Allen

You may be familiar with the concept of cumulative impact policies, also known as 'stress areas', where the local authority has determined that the number of licensed premises in a particular area is having a negative impact on one of more of...

Legal advice: licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen lays down the law


The Legal Surgery Podcast

By Ed Bedington

Running a pub can prove to be something of a legal minefield for all operators, but fear not! The Morning Advertiser has teamed up with legal experts Poppleston Allen to bring you a brand new podcast to answer your legal issues.

Legal Q&A: what do pubs need to know about responding to staff accidents and converting outdoor spaces?

Legal Q&A: Staff slips and maximising space

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at best practice following a staff accident and what operators need to know before converting outdoor space.

Get involved: Make sure your pub isn’t affected by complacency

Top tips: Early intervention could save a business

By Poppleston Allen

We have all been there. We have received information asking for our views and ignored it. We then become frustrated and complain when a decision affects our business or livelihood even though it’s as a result of our complacency.

Mini rant: Mistakes happen but the latest legislation could stifle sensible discussion and resolution

Best to keep mum

By Poppleston Allen

Mistakes happen but the most recent legislation could be said to make sensible discussions and rectification more difficult

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