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No appetite yet: changes to the late-night levy policy are likely to include food premises such as kebab shops and not just pubs

Late-night levy changes are close

By Poppleston Allen

As you may be aware Southwark and Redbridge have become the latest London boroughs to throw their hats into the late-night levy ring, confirming they both intend to consult on adopting a levy, with a view to taking effect in September and October 2019...

Different approach needed: licensee Elaine Hamer believes publicans are fighting a losing battle against drugs

Licensee's views on drug use in pubs

By Robert Mann

The use of illicit drugs in pubs is not a new problem and is one that continues to cause headaches for operators and, unfortunately, even the most responsible and well-run licensed premises are not immune from issues surrounding them.

Delegated responsibility: personal licence holders can authorise others to sell alcohol

Legal Q&A: freepour warning

By Poppleston Allen

Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's latest legal Q&A looks at the rules governing free-pouring and personal licences.

Spell it out: be precise when setting out your plans for door staff

Legal top tips: How simple errors can prove costly

By Poppleston Allen

Sometimes the easiest of tasks pose the direst of consequences if you get them wrong. I have often seen applications rejected, stalled or have unintended consequences for the simplest of mistakes.

Children in pubs: Poppleston Allen's Graeme Cushion discusses what pub operators need to know about youngsters in pubs

In association with Poppleston Allen

Need to know: children in pubs

By Poppleston Allen

The questions of whether children can work in licensed premises or indeed be in those premises as a customer are ones that sometimes cause confusion and therefore may benefit from some clarification.

Basic advice: seasoned staff as well as juniors can use these tips

Legal top tips: advice working at licensed premises

By Poppleston Allen

With a son who has just started a part-time job working behind a bar while at university, it seemed the right time to share the pearls of wisdom I have given him on some of the things he needs to watch out for.