Camden Town Brewery

Going the whole hog: Camden Town Brewery launches a new lager and a hedgehog pub you can set up in your garden

Brewery launches pub for hedgehogs

By Alice Leader

Camden Town Brewery is providing a safe place for some prickly creatures to hibernate this winter as it offers hog-sized pub, the Hibernation Arms.

Hells: The 4.6% ABV beer is made with handpicked strawberries

Camden Town Brewery launches seasonal summer lager

By James Beeson

Strawberry Hells Forever, Camden Town Brewery’s summer version of its Hells lager, will be available in Camden Brewery-supplied bars across London, and via Ocado and independent retailers.

To the future: Camden Town's Jasper Cuppaidge is intent on remaining a craft lager brewer

Big Interview

Camden Town boss on criticism, investment and innovation

By Nicholas Robinson

Camden Town Brewery faced criticism of ‘selling out’ when it agreed to a takeover by AB InBev in 2015, but founder Jasper Cuppaidge reveals the brewery always had plans to expand as the company moves into a bigger brewhouse 10 miles from its original...