The Morning Advertiser's Lock In Podcast episode 73

The Lock In Podcast

Perfecting the art of the serve

By Ed Bedington

Why is there a North/South divide when it comes to beer head and does Guinness really need to be poured in stages? The Lock In team tackle that and other issues around the concept of the perfect serve.

Oisin Rogers gears up for Devonshire opening

'The best pubs are chaotic!'

By Ed Bedington

Pub legend Oisín Rogers is all set to open his new pub project with Charlie Carroll, the Devonshire at Piccadilly, London

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 61

The Lock In Podcast

Black gold: Why is Guinness so popular?

By Ed Bedington

Guinness is an iconic brand that has stood the test of time and continues to forge a path others can only dream of. The Lock In team takes a closer look and asks: Why is Guinness the only show in town?*

Diageo md reflects on first year in job

Big Interview

The undercover boss

By Ed Bedington

There won’t be many captains of industry that look to stay close to the coalface, but for one top boss, playing an undercover role behind the bar is key to understanding his business.

New products: this week's round up features new serves from Guinness, Salcombe Distilling Co and Ellers Farm


Guinness 0.0 launches for the on-trade

By Rebecca Weller

This week's round-up features an on-trade debut from Guinness alongside a new gin from Ellers Farm Distillery and a festive relaunch from Salcombe Distilling Co.

Taste experience: 'the launch of Guinness 0.0 highlights our long-held commitment to innovation, experimentation, and bravery in brewing,' Gráinne Wafer, Guinness’ global brand director said

Guinness launches no-alcohol Guinness 0.0

By Stuart Stone

The brewers at Guinness’ St James’s Gate home in Dublin have today (22 October) unveiled new no-alcohol, low calorie, serve Guinness 0.0.

How do I serve the perfect pint of Guinness?

Promoted content in association with Guinness

How to serve the perfect pint of Guinness

By Nicholas Robinson

Being the granddaddy of beer, Guinness is held to a high standard by consumers across the UK who will expect their first draught pint of the world-famous stout to be perfect on their return to the pub. But what exactly does that entail?

The man who created the nitro stout


The man who created the nitro stout

By Pete Brown

Pete Brown recalls the time he met the late Michael Ash, whose maths skills led to the world-famous Easy Pour system used by Guinness.

Are the times a 'changin for the term 'craft beer'?

Top beer stories

Are the times a 'changin for the term 'craft beer'?

By Pete Brown

Up until now craft beer has been pretty much the sole domain of small-scale brewers. But, as Pete Brown discovers, times are changing and the revolution is starting to make the big boys act.

Guinness has suffered in decline in volumes and drop in value

Outlook is black as Guinness sales fall

By Robyn Black

Times look black for the ‘Black Stuff’, as sales of Guinness in UK pubs and bars have dropped by nearly 10% in volume and almost 5% in value over the past 12 months, according to CGA Strategy data.

Making the most of St Patrick's Day

Making the most of St Patrick's Day

By Sheila McWattie

For those willing to put in the hard yards and prepare for it, St Patrick’s Day can provide licensees with one of the busiest days of their year. Sheila McWattie reports.

Guinness dreams of a white and black Christmas

Guinness dreams of a white and black Christmas

By Matthew Moggridge

A £2 million media campaign for Guinness forms the backbone of Diageo’s masterplan to drive festive beer sales and satisfy hard-to-please men in the prezzie department.

Guinness cans: no widget

Surger can to boost Guinness

By John Harrington

A new Guinness Surger can has been launched that aims to let licensees know when the drink is ready to serve. It coincides with the launch of a...

Guinness: trialling 'pour your own'

Guinness asks UK to pour their own

By Robyn Black

Diageo is in talks to bring its "Pour Your Own Pint" tables for Guinness to UK pubs. The system has already been trialled in 220 venues in Dublin.

Surger: rolling out

Guinness Surger on a roll

By Robyn Black

Diageo will be rolling out its Guinness Surger technology across the UK later this year, as it looks for new ways to further grow the brand in the...

Guinness Surger: to be trialed at northern pubs

Host upset at Punch stance on Guinness

By John Harrington

A Punch lessee has questioned why the pubco won't let him use a device to serve draught-quality Guinness in a glass from a can. Michael White said...

The new Guinness glass

New Guinness glass revealed

By Robyn Lewis

Diageo has improved its branded glassware for Guinness for the first time in a decade, but the tulip shape remains.

Rob Jones and Simon Easterby launch the new Brains Black stout

Brains launches Welsh rival to Guinness

By Robyn Lewis

Welsh brewer Brains chose St David's Day yesterday to announce a return to the stout sector. Brains Black was launched by former Wales scrum half...

Guinness: celebrated 250 years last September

Diageo: volumes up 6% in Britain

By Ewan Turney

A strong performance by Guinness and a successful Christmas campaign on spirits saw Diageo volumes grow 6% in Great Britain for the six months to 31...

Guinness: New PoS kits for St Patrick's Day

Diageo customises Guinness PoS kits

By Robyn Lewis

Recipes, business tips and music CDs form part of the revamped Guinness kits for this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations. Brand owner Diageo has...

Litherland: been busy in the extreme

New Diageo boss: when less is more

By Robyn Lewis

Simon Litherland, the newly-appointed managing director of Diageo GB, talks to Robyn Lewis about developing his flagship UK drinks company.