Mp Greg Mulholland

Greg Mulholland: 'Local pubs that have supported communities for years should not be responsible for the choices of new residents'

Make Some Noise: Greg Mulholland MP backs campaign

By Ellie Bothwell

Save the Pub Group chair and MP Greg Mulholland has backed the Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s (PMA) Make Some Noise campaign, claiming that the current situation “makes life more difficult for hard-pressed publicans”.

Tweeting Mulholland earns his pint

Tweeting Mulholland earns his pint

By Snifter

Every publican’s favourite MP Greg Mulholland made last orders at Nicholson’s Scarbrough Taps in Leeds, on the night the beer duty escalator was scrapped.

Mulholland in House of Commons coat calamity

Mulholland in House of Commons coat calamity

Pub campaigning MP Greg Mulholland got himself into a spot of coat-related bother following a Parliamentary drinks reception last week, Snifter can shockingly reveal.

Mulholland calls for timetable on pubco reform

Mulholland calls for timetable on pubco reform

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group, Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland, has called for a ministerial statement on the floor of the House of Commons, so the Government can lay out its timetable for reform of the beer tie.

Tuppen (L) and Mulholland (R): crossed swords at last year's tenanted pub company summit

Tuppen can't make Mulholland meet

By Ewan Turney

A chance to see whether the thaw between MP Greg Mulholland and Enterprise boss Ted Tuppen is enduring, will have to wait. Mulholland had invited...

Tuppen (L) and Mulholland (R): no love lost

Tuppen rejects Mulholland's view

By The PMA Team

Enterprise Inns has rejected a claim by MP Greg Mulholland that it should sell the freehold of the Black Horse in Otley to give it a chance of a...

Mulholland: opening Wharfebank Brewery

Mulholland opens Leeds brewery

By Lesley Foottit

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland opened Wharfebank Brewery in his constituency last week, accompanied by England cricketer Craig White. The MP for Leeds...

Mulholland: meeting with John Healey

Mulholland to meet pubs minister

By John Harrington

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland is to meet the new pubs minister John Healey to discuss the problems facing the industry. Mulholland, chair of the All...

Mulholland: not meeting OFT

OFT refuses to meet Mulholland

By Lesley Foottit

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland is "deeply disappointed" after the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) turned down his offer to meet.

Mulholland: criticises BBPA code

Mulholland criticises BBPA code

By Lesley Foottit

Outspoken MP Greg Mulholland has criticised BBPA's for failing to take "a more neutral stance" between pubcos and licensees.

Mulholland: meetings planned with OFT and Kevin Brennan

Mulholland to meet OFT

By Gemma McKenna

Outspoken Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland has planned meetings with the OFT and Business Minister Kevin Brennan.

Mulholland (L) with Camra's Jonathan Mail

New Bill to protect threatened pubs

By John Harrington

Campaigning MP Greg Mulholland has introduced a Bill in Parliament to give extra protection to stop facilities such as pubs disappearing. His Local...

Mulholland: concern over rates

Mulholland probes pub rates fears

By John Harrington

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland has written to the Government expressing concerns over reports of bombshell rates bills that are set to hit pubs. The...

Mulholland: invite to Mandelson

Mandelson invited to hear tenants' concerns

By John Harrington

Campaigning MP Greg Mulholland has asked Peter Mandelson to hear the concerns of struggling tenants first hand. The Liberal Democrat MP has written...

Mulholland with pub campaigner Inez Ward

Mulholland: pubco bosses should step down

By Ewan Turney

The bosses of Britain's biggest pubcos should step down with immediate effect — that's the call from staunch anti-pubco MP Greg Mulholland. The Lib...

Mulholland with campaigner Inez Ward

Mulholland: new beer orders needed

By Ewan Turney

Vociferous Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland has called for a fresh set of beer orders in the wake of the damning pubco report.

Punch Taverns

Punch: we would pass on duty cuts to hosts

By John Harrington

Punch answers the "unnecessary" request from controversial MP Greg Mulholland to ensure any alcohol duty reductions are passed on to tenants.