ALMR: The current self-regulatory regime 'has not provided a sufficient check'

Statutory Code: Price estimates too low, warns ALMR

By John Harrington

Pubcos may have to transfer “considerably more” in profits to their tied tenants than the Government estimates — up to £20,000 per pub — under the proposed statutory code, according to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR).

The OFT has warned the Government about consequences of intervening in the pub market

Statutory Code: OFT warns Govt on pubco intervention

By John Harrington

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has warned the Government that plans to intervene in the tenanted pub model could lead to higher rents for tenants and higher prices for customers.

Wellington statutory code Government rent

Statutory Code: Wellington warns on upward-only rent ban

By Lewis Brown

Wellington Pub Company, the free-of-tie leased pub operator, has criticised Government proposals to ban the use of upward-only rent review clauses by pub companies, saying that such a move risks distorting the market for commercial landlords.

Average new lease prices stabilise

Average rents on new leases stabilise

By Michelle Perrett

The average annual rent for new pub leases in England and Wales stabilised at £24,939 per annum during the third quarter of 2013, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Pub Benchmarking Survey.

New regulations will mean the process for recovering rent arrears will be lengthier

Legal Q&A: Recovering rent arrears

By Weightmans

The law around recovering outstanding rent arrears is changing in April 2014. What does this mean for pub landlords and do they need to make changes now to ensure compliance? Law firm Weightmans takes a closer look.


Pubcos must stop this beer-price escalator

By Rob Willock

The tenanted pub companies have been putting their houses in order (literally and figuratively) in recent years. None but the most one-eyed of pubco critics can deny that — though I will doubtless, as ever, receive plenty of abusive trolling on social...

rents leases RICS

Average rents on new leases drop, according to RICS

By Michelle Perrett

The average annual pub rent for new leases in England and Wales dropped slightly to £24,368 per annum during the second quarter of 2013, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Pub Benchmarking Survey.

Npower's infographic to help pubs use less energy

Pubs missing out on £5,000 energy savings

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs are missing out on more than £5,000 worth of savings a year due to not knowing the most efficient ways to consume energy, according to Npower.

Colliers International pub rents

Opinion: Differing methods of setting pub rents

By Jonathan Essex

Traditional pub rents are usually set with reference to the profit that can be generated from the property, but high-street pubs and bars are usually valued on a rate per square foot. Why the difference?

Arkell's will be investing in its estate again this year

Arkell’s reinforces help for new tenants

By John Harrington

Arkell’s, the Wiltshire-based brewer and pub operator, has appointed its managed house director Craig Titchener to the new role of tenanted director as it takes a more “hands-on” approach to supporting new licensees, company director George Arkell has...

Cost of running a pub increases

Cost of running the average pub increases

By Mark Wingett

Like-for-like sales climbed 5.8% across the UK’s pub sector in the year to October 2012, with community locals and food led outlets outperforming the market, according to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailer’s (ALMR) latest Benchmarking Survey...

Andrew Delahunty argues that the simple use of a calculator shows that pubcos are not being honest with tenants

It's time for some facts when it comes to the beer tie

By Andrew Delahunty

Andrew Delahunty, managing director of DLHY Pub Company, argues that the simple use of a calculator shows why tenants should be given a free-of-tie option as part of any new statutory code of practice.


Will the pub industry code work? I won’t hold my breath

By Gerry Price

Having bought the freehold of our property from Enterprise Inns last October, we have had to adjust to a slightly different scenario in our business. Times remain very challenging but brewers are so supportive of freeholders it makes life seem better.


Mountford: Statutory regulation and why choice is not such a scary thing

By Dave Mountford

I don’t always get the opportunity to catch up on what’s happening in the PMA, but having a spare 10 minutes the other day I picked up the 17 January edition and had a leaf through – more to see if I had been reported saying anything “outspoken” than...

Pub property predictions for 2013

Pub property predictions for 2013

How will the pub property market perform in 2013? To get the answers, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser speaks to agents in the know