Isn’t talk of credit a little premature?

Well it seems that credit was being tossed around in abundance last week. No sooner had fellow blogger Mark Daniels suggested we acknowledge the positive changes taking place within the BII than PMA editor Rob Willock pops up and asks us to give property...

If pubs could talk

If pubs could talk

By Robert Sayles

Wondering home, I became lost in thought following a pleasant evening spent at a friend’s house..... Suddenly, a voice. “Bob”. Looking around there wasn’t a soul in sight; the street appeared completely deserted, save for a cat perched on a nearby wall.

Thomas snaps up four sites

Thomas snaps up four sites

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Steve Thomas, the former head of Luminar, has picked up four sites formerly operated by his old company after landlord X-Leisure assigned the leases of the units to his nightclub-operating firm We Are Dance.

Why I’m calling time on (part of) the trade

Why I’m calling time on (part of) the trade

By Michael Kheng

For those who follow Kurnia Licensing on Twitter and Facebook you will already be aware of my plans to exit the retail side of the industry.  Over the past few years I have reduced the estate down to four outlets — three freeholds and one leasehold.

Under the spotlight: Luminar is interested in signing 20 to 25-year leases on the 15 sites

Luminar opts for sale and leaseback

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Luminar, the nightclub operator bought out of administration by a consortium led by industry veteran Peter Marks in December, has appointed advisors to oversee a £32m sale and leaseback of 15 freehold sites.

Batemans offers new lease agreement

Batemans offers new lease agreement

By Gurjit Degun

Lincolnshire-based pub operator and brewer Batemans has unveiled a new tenancy agreement that offers licensees free-trade prices on all drinks.

FLVA defends decision over fees

FLVA defends decision over fees

By Tony Halstead

The FLVA has defended its decision to impose a premium fee for new members for handling major negotiations such as rent reviews and dilapidations charges.

Rent reviews: Higher music fees could see reductions

Music fees prompt rent review calls

By Gurjit Degun

A raft of rent reviews could be looming as a result of the proposed increased charges by music-royalties collections firm PPL.

Option: Admiral offering tenants 'right-to-buy' after three years

Admiral launches 'right to buy' option

By Gurjit Degun

Admiral Taverns has introduced a right-to-buy option for selected tenants who will have the opportunity to purchase the freehold of their pub from three years into a lease.

David Elliott: 'Get the right licensee in place'

'Pantogate' saga masks BISC inquiry issues

By David Elliott

Interesting comments last week from Ted Tuppen regarding the Business, Innovation & Skills Committee inquiry (BISC). While calling the process a ‘political pantomime’ was probably going too far, this one-liner has led to a lot of unnecessary objections...

Response: Government has not implemented committee recommendation on stautory code of practice

BIS: Government shuns statutory code

By Michelle Perrett

The Government has failed to introduce a Statutory Code of Practice to manage the pubco/tenant relationship in its response to the recommendations of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee (BISC).

2018: leasehold pubs will have to be upgraded or face removal from rental market

Energy ratings threat to leased pubs

Thousands of licensees may have to take steps to increase energy-efficiency at their pubs if they are to be leased after 2018, or face being removed from the rental market.

Robert Sayles: 'Tenants should be prepared'

Are you a lamb to the slaughter?

By Robert Sayles

Neil Robertson recently stated that the prospect of naive new tenants entering the trade was a major source of concern. With this in mind I’ve devised a questionnaire so that those thinking about entering the trade can gauge whether or not they fully...

Fears: RPI increase will affect tenants due for rent review

RPI rises to 5.6% in August

The Retail Price Index (RPI) measure rose to 5.6% from 5.2% in August, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Survey puts the cost of running teh average pub at 35% of turnover

BBPA survey shows pub operating costs at 35%

By Ewan Turney

The average cost of running the average tenanted or leased pub stands at almost 35% (34.54%) of turnover, according to a major new survey of 12,000 pubs undertaken by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA).

BBPA: deeply disappointed

BISC: BBPA claims statutory code will close more pubs

By Ewan Turney

The British Beer and Pub Association has hit back at the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, claiming its recommendations for a statutory code of practice will lead to more pub closures.

Paul Charity: 'Tenants pushing for even better deals'

Fresh news from the real world of rents

By The PMA Team

Some things have changed for the better in tenanted pubs, some haven’t. At some of the bigger companies, rent-setting mechanisms have taken a step backwards in recent years.

Jonathan Adnams:supporting tenants

Rent concessions down at Adnams

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer and pub operator, has revealed that rent concessions for tenants have fallen in the past year.

BBPA: will look at recommendations

BBPA defends pubcos after new study

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has defended pubcos treatment of tenants after they were slammed in a report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR).

Collinson: very specific about taking on sites

Simon Collinson: the turn-around expert

By Phil Mellows

Over two decades Oak Taverns has evolved a complex business model, managing, leasing and brewing. But it seems to work. Phil Mellows asks managing...

Mary Portas: Queen of Shops is carrying out a review of the high street

Commercial leases 'the most flexible ever'

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Commercial landlords are offering "the most flexible lease regimes ever", leading to a greater take-up of longer leases. That's according to the British Property Federation's (BPF) Annual Lease Review for the Mary Portas high street...

Ball: insist on using codes

'Hold pubcos to what they say on codes'

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees have been urged to read their pubco codes of practice and "hold pubcos to what they say" — that's the view of Nigel Ball, senior director...

BII: PIRRS is valuable

BISC: PIRRS is 'valuable'

By Michelle Perrett

The BII's Neil Robertson said that the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) is not "spectacular" but is "valuable".

Pubs set for growth

ALMR: Pubs need government backing

By Adam Pescod

Britain's pubs and bars have a firm platform from which to deliver economic growth and jobs, but only if they receive the necessary backing from the...

Findlay: Retail Agreement is key to success

Marston's tenants back Retail Agreement

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Nine out of 10 (93%) Marston's tenants signed up to its new quasi-franchise Retail Agreement would recommend the deal to others.