Sugar fears: health experts call for ‘ready to drink’ alcoholic beverages to be reduced in sugar and calories

RTD beverages present ‘double burden to health’

By Alice Leader

Popular sugary alcoholic drinks are a ‘double burden’ on consumers’ health because of their alcohol and sugar content, coupled with the huge cash onus placed on the NHS, according to new research.

Tops: The biggest-selling brands in the UK on-trade

The Drinks List: Top Brands to Stock 2019

By Nicholas Robinson

With so much conflicting research in the market and varying opinions from analysts, The Morning Advertiser’s Drinks List 2019 reveals exactly what is going on with sales at the bar.

Party people: WKD drinks are seen as part of the festival scene

Ready-to-drink: ready to develop?

By Nikkie Sutton

The ready-to-drink category has struggled in recent years but is moving in the right direction. The big question now is whether the segment will ever return to the heights it achieved in the 1990s. 

Reinvention: WKD was transformed to attract a younger market

Category update

How the RTD category can grow sales in pubs

By Nikkie Sutton

Ready-to-drink (RTD) brands must change their image if they are to remain relevant to modern consumers and thrive in the coming years, WKD producers SHS Drinks has claimed.

WKD Purple: Cheeky vodka mix

New pub drink: RTD and cocktails

By Sonya Hook

Sonya Hook discovers the recent wave of RTD launches could represent the beginning of a rather fruity alliance with swish cocktails.

Red Square: first campaign in four years

Relaunch boost for Reloaded RTD

By Robyn Lewis

Halewood International is investing again in the RTD category with a new variant, a new look and the first campaign in four years for Red Square.

A WKD sort of cider

A WKD sort of cider

The latest entry to the cider market comes not from a West Country cider farm nor from the power-houses of Magners or Bulmers, but from WKD.That's...

A Mojito in the mix

A Mojito in the mix

Global Brands has launched a ready to drink (RTD) brand based on the Mojito cocktail and its VK brand.  The first flavour to be launched is VK...

WKD side returns

WKD side returns

A new burst of TV advertising kicks off this month for WKD. The RTD is back with its 'Have you got a WKD side? campaign. In addition to TV adverts,...