British Pub

On the road: pub showcase could encourage more overseas tourists to visit British pubs

Mock pub aims to drive UK tourism and beer exports

By Fred A'Court

A British pub set-up complete with bar, seating areas and even an iconic red telephone box at overseas trade shows could also be used to boost beer exports – with the added bonus of visiting a pub as a ‘must do’ activity during a visit to the UK.

Signed up: pubs minister Andrew Percy

British Pub Week

MPs show support for British Pub Week

By Liam Coleman

Pro-pub politicians have been showing their support for the great British pub at a British Pub Week event in central London.


A great licensee makes us forget that anyone is running the pub

By Pete Brown

I am filing this column from the departure lounge of Toronto airport after helping to celebrate Toronto Beer Week (last night’s ten-course beer and food-matching dinner was a particularly memorable highlight), on my way to visit the celebrated ice cider...

British Pub Week: Plan now

British Pub Week: Get Involved

By Adam Pescod

Licensees have been given an added incentive to participate in British Pub Week, which will take place from 28 October to 6 November.

Opik backs British Pubs Week

Lembit Opik backs British Pub Week

By Adam Pescod

Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has thrown his support behind British Pub Week, describing it as “the beginning of the fightback” for a struggling industry.

Felice Tocchini: support for Pub Week at launch

Chefs get behind British Pub Week

By Adam Pescod

A host of top chefs have pledged their support for British Pub Week, which takes place from 28 October to 6 November and celebrates all that is good about the Great British Pub.

'Time to rethink the smoking ban': UKIP leader's message to the government

British Pub Week launch: UKIP challenge to pubs minister

By Adam Pescod

UKIP leader Nigel Farage declared “pubs are parliaments” at the launch of British Pub Week in south London last night before challenging community pubs minister Bob Neill on the smoking ban, beer duty, and supermarkets.

British Pub Week: take part in the celebration

British Pub Week's Thrive on 5 link-up

By Ewan Turney

British Pub Week, which celebrates the very best of British hospitality, is back for another year — and will link up with the campaign to cut VAT...