Pub Skills: how pubs can add to bottom line with staff engagement

Video: Pub Skill's speakers discuss challenges for pub employers

By Georgina Townshend

What are the biggest challenges for pub employers, and how can they be overcome? These were among questions addressed by industry experts as part of The Morning Advertiser's Pub Skills event on how employee engagement can add to the bottom line.

Beer should be subject to clearer labelling according to the BrewDog co-founder

BrewDog: drinkers deserve to know where their beer is coming from

By Emily Sutherland

BrewDog co-founder Jamer Watt has argued that beer drinkers deserve to know where their beer comes from in the wake of several scandals where prominent craft beers were outed as not being brewed in the places suggested by their branding.

Shortages in chefs are widespread all over the country

Research highlights skilled chef shortage

By Ruth Williams, M&C Report

New research by VisitEngland has highlighted the lack of skilled chefs in the country and urged young people to consider a culinary career.

Students can access their packages via a dedicated online console on the Abv Training website

Abv Training rolls out sector e-learning courses

By John Harrington

Abv Training, one of the UK’s leading training companies, has rolled out a range of 28 e-learning courses designed for professionals in the licensed and hospitality trades who do not have the time to attend tutor-led programmes.

5 of the BEST pub anecdotes

VIDEO: 5 of the best pub anecdotes

By Jessica Mason

From the universal sign for paying the bill to the acceptable way to share a bag of crisps. These videos outline the very best in British pub etiquette.