Sell-out: Beavertown is reportedly close to committing the ultimate craft beer betrayal

Craft Beer Connoisseur - Pop goes the Beaver

By Craft Beer connoisseur

I was devastated to read the news earlier this week that Beavertown Brewery could be considering selling a stake of its business to beer giant Heineken.

High demand: drinkers flocked to Ales Tales festival, which showcased beer from 20 Belgian breweries

What can Belgian beer still offer to UK pubs?

By James Beeson

For many years, when the UK craft beer scene was but a twinkle in James Watt and Martin Dickie’s eyes, the mark of a good beer pub would often be the strength of its Belgian beer list.

Growth drive: James Clay hopes the acquisition will help expand its reach in the Midlands

James Clay snaps up Beer Direct distributor

By James Beeson

Craft and specialist beer distributor James Clay is set to expand its reach in the Midlands following the acquisition of regional distributor Beer Direct.

Trend: beer styles such as DIPAs and imperial stouts are increasingly sold by craft brewers in 440ml or 500ml cans

Could DIPAs be banned under new Portman Group guidelines?

By James Beeson

Brewers selling double IPAs (DIPAs), imperial stouts and other strong beer styles in large packaging formats could fall foul of a new review into the Portman Group’s code of practice, according to the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).