Improving access to justice: a senior judge said public venues should open up to hold court proceedings

Should court proceedings take place in pubs?

By Emily Hawkins

Courts should sit in pubs and other public venues to make the legal process more accessible, the country’s top family division judge suggested as he left his post.

Beer group: The All-Parliamentary Beer Group celebrates its 25th anniversary - and continues to fight for the sector in Westminster

Parliamentary beer group hits quarter century

By Claire Churchard

The hospitality trade needs someone to stand up for it, especially with the difficulties it has faced throughout the years and the current headwinds. The All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group has served that purpose for decades and continues to fight the...

Expansion plans: checks must be made before entering any agreements

Top tips: buy another pub while the sun is shining?

By Poppleston Allen

Despite some negative news at the start of the year, particularly in the fast-casual dining market, which saw several high-profile operators enter company voluntary arrangements, the wet-led pub sector seems to be on the up.