All age groups want contactless payment

By Stuart Stone

People of all age groups are increasingly tapping into contactless payment according to research from Vianet, the vending and hospitality industries’ leading SMART machine provider.

Who's going to take you home tonight? The potential loss of Uber could affect London pubs

Uber ban could be a threat to London's pubs

By Georgina Townshend

Millions of people who use Uber in the UK's capital after a night down the pub could find their ride home missing, after Transport for London (TfL) informed the company it would not be issued with a private hire operator license after its current...

Pubco power: customers will not be able to charge their phones behind the bar of JDW pubs

Would you let customers charge their phones behind the bar?

By Nikkie Sutton

Following national reports that JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has banned customers from charging their phones behind the bar of its pubs, The Morning Advertiser spoke with licensees about their policies on the issue.

Banned: no more surcharge payments for customers

Card payment surcharges to be outlawed

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs and other businesses will be banned from charging customers extra for paying by debit or credit card from January next year.

Digital awareness: Wireless Social boss Julian Ross outlined the importance of capitalising on Wi-Fi

MA500: opportunities in ethernet real estate

By Claire Churchard

Julian Ross from Wireless Social highlighted the benefits for pubs in offering Wi-Fi hot spots and partnering with other local venues to offer Wi-Fi. 

Social media: Millennials explain why they go to the pub

What the Millennials say about pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Drinks offers, atmosphere, ‘shareability’ and the entertainment available in the pub play a big part in where Millennials choose to spend time in the on-trade.

In limbo: the system for challenging business-rates

Business-rates appeals in limbo as website deemed ‘unfit’

By Georgina Townshend

Thousands of businesses which are challenging their rates bill are "in limbo" as the Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website is “unfit for purpose”, according to business, rent and rates specialists CVS.

Clean break: beer hygiene is under the spotlight

7 day beer line cleaning rule ‘not strictly true’

By Nicholas Robinson

Cleaning beer lines every seven days is not necessarily the tell of good hygiene, on-trade cellar sanitisation firm Avani has claimed after a report outed the ‘dirtiest’ beer in Britain.

Hacked: pub claims its website was hacked by Kurdish fighters

Pub website 'targeted by anti-ISIS hackers'

By Liam Coleman

The licensee of a Black Country pub has said he found it "slightly amusing" after claiming Kurdish hackers posted an obscene message on the pub's website.

Technology can help businesses boost revenue

Top tips to boost customer loyalty schemes

By Sara Hussein

Pubs have lagged behind when it comes to understanding customer loyalty in the past. But with technology, smartphones and personalised rewards they can tap into new and exciting opportunities for their businesses.

EPoS can drive footfall, service levels and customer retention


Technology: Why up-to-date EPoS systems can benefit your pub

By Fiona McLelland

It may seem a big ask for pub and bar operators to keep up with the pace of technological improvements and developments when it comes to EPoS systems, but the benefits for staff and customers alike make this imperative. 

Netflix effect: research showed millennials choose to stay in rather than go to the pub


More millennials choosing not to go out

By Helen Gilbert

Millennials are increasingly choosing to stay indoors and watch TV rather than head to the pub at the weekend, according to a new survey. 

Technology: trade leaders discussed how to attract millennials with technology


Millennials: attracting younger consumers with technology

By Nikkie Sutton

With younger people using pubs less than their older counterparts, it is vital that the trade finds ways to reverse this trend. And embracing new technology, could just be the answer, experts at a The Morning Advertiser roundtable discussion maintained....

Bar & Pub Show 2016

Bar & Pub Show 2016

Bar & Pub Show 2016 in pictures

By Sara Hussein

After the first Bar & Pub Show was showcased last week (Monday 3 October- Wednesday 5 October), The Morning Advertiser looks over some highlights of the event.

TripAdvisor: point of contention for countless operators


TripAdvisor: who gives a hoot?

By Daniel Woolfson

TripAdvisor: love it or hate it, if you work in hospitality, you’ve got an opinion. And the chances are it's a strong one.

Debate: how do mobile phone affect the pub?

Bar Talk

Are mobile phones 'horrible for atmosphere' at pubs?

By Nikkie Sutton

Following on from Hove bar the Gin Tub installing a Faraday cage in their ceiling so mobile phone signals are unable to enter the site, this week’s bar talk asks licensees what they think of mobile phones in pubs.

Immersive: Innis & Gunn is offering beer drinkers a free virtual reality experience

Virtual reality

Innis & Gunn brings virtual reality to UK pubs

By Liam Coleman

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? It's hard to tell at 50 pubs dotted across the UK where Innis & Gunn is inviting drinkers to don a virtual reality headset when trying its beers.

Grow sales: use newer technology for food and drink pairings


Snapchat your food and drink for better sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Operators must embrace newer social media outlets such as Snapchat and Instagram, and ditch older forms like Twitter to maximise food and drink pairings, a research organisation has said.

how to make your pub more productive


Cash in with top tips

By Greg Pitcher

Improving your pub’s profitability is the holy grail for operators, so what can you do to get more return from the effort you put in? Four experts give their top tips here

App-ortunity calls for brewers


App-ortunity calls for brewers

By James Evison

Cask Marque has called on brewers to supply information and artwork for upgrade to CaskFinder app.

BII launches revamped website


BII launches revamped website

By James Evison

The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has revamped its website including a new 'marketplace' for members.

No signal: the Gin Tub, Hove, East Sussex is a signal dead-zone


Licensee: “Mobile phone users like smokers”

By Nikkie Sutton

A bar in Hove, East Sussex has installed a Faraday cage in the ceiling of the venue to block mobile phone signals, meaning customers have to go outside to make a call.

7 ways to be a digital marketer


7 ways to be a digital marketer

By Chris Lowe

Digital marketing is a must for any business, big or small. It can be daunting, but fear not, there’s a lot you can do on a modest budget to start or enhance your journey. 

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