New brew: Peroni goes alcohol-free

Peroni reveals alcohol-free lager

By Nicholas Robinson

Italian lager brand Peroni has launched its first alcohol-free variant to the UK market, which will be rolled out across the UK on-trade this year.

A new do: Peroni shapes up its design

Peroni shows off redesign

By Nicholas Robinson

Italian lager Peroni has unveiled a sleek new change of style, the biggest overhaul of the brand in almost two decades.

Shock: Britain could run out of beer

Beer stocks low due to CO2 shortage

By Nicholas Robinson

Brewers large and small are running low or have run out of products as the Europe-wide CO2 shortage worsens, putting a stop to brewing and packaging for many.

The Beer Kitchen will open in Edinburgh at the end of July

Innis & Gunn set to launch bar division

By Mike Berry

Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn will open its first bar in Edinburgh at the end of July, with a plan to operate a further five UK venues by 2017.


World of confusion over lager

By Roger Protz

Kronenbourg's recent ad ban highlights the issue of ‘misleading’ provenance claims, argues Roger Protz.

Black: lager is coming back

And the new lager is... lager

By Robyn Black

Lager is enjoying a come back thanks to Budweiser and Cotswold Brewing Company, says Robyn Black.