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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists – Business Continuity

By Nicholas Robinson

Despite all the odds, hundreds of pubs continued to trade during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, with many of them not only maintaining decent sales through diversification, but also managing to serve the needs of their communities.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists - Charity Champion

By Ed Bedington

Pubs are well known for their support of charities, raising many millions of pounds a year, and while lockdown might have threatened their businesses, many operators continued to champion those charitable causes.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists - Staff Welfare

By Emily Hawkins

There has been no greater time of uncertainty for those working in the pub sector and the coronavirus pandemic saw teams separated and facing a daunting future during lockdown.

Shining a light: this category highlights the businesses that pivoted amid the pandemic

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Business Continuity

By Ed Bedington

Lockdown hit pubs first and hardest, and while many operators were forced to shut up shops and weather the storm, some managed to pivot their operations and keep on trading.

Celebration time: the awards aim to highlight top businesses

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero for Keeping the Community Entertained?

By Ed Bedington

Pubs have long played a key role in providing entertainment, from gigs to quizzes, and during lockdown they continued to keep the many struggling people in isolation entertained. Were you one of those pubs?

Pub awards: this category celebrates pubs that have supported front line workers

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Front Line Support

By Ed Bedington

One of the key difficulties faced during lockdown was supporting front line workers, and pubs did not shy away from the challenge.

Food for thought: the Great British Pub Awards are open for entries

great british pub awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Feeding the Community

By Ed Bedington

Pubs are a vital lifeline for many in the community and despite the challenges of lockdown, many pubs continued to provide meals to vulnerable people.

Helping the community: pubs have until Friday 24 July to enter the awards

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Community Services

By Ed Bedington

The corona crisis saw pubs come into their own within their local communities, stepping up to ensure vulnerable people were looked after.

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