'Holy grail': 'It’s the unique flavour and total Britishness of the pork scratching that make them a ‘must’ to accompany our great beers. Asking pubs not to stock them is like not selling beer in pints, totally unthinkable'

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Pork scratchings: the ‘holy grail’ of pub snacks?

By MA Editorial

While demanding consumers can sometimes leave operators taking a ham-fisted approach to bar snacks, the meat of the matter is that traditional nibbles are still leaving drinkers as happy as a pig in the proverbial.

Launch: Tom Kerridge highlighted how important British pig farming is

Tom Kerridge launches pork scratching range

By Nikkie Sutton

Tom Kerridge and RayGray Snacks launched a new range of pork scratchings at this year’s international food & drink event (IFE) on Monday 20 March.

The Jugged Hare in Moorgate offers roast suckling pig as a banquet option

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Trend watch: fit for a king?

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Over the last few years the line between pubs and restaurants has begun to blur. 

'Nduja: good with toast, pizza or even fried eggs

Trend watch

Trend watch: 'nduja or don't cha?

By Daniel Woolfson

Spreadable Italian sausage 'Nduja (pronounced in-du-ya) is set to be a big hitter in food trends this year. 

Seafood platters were among options on the market table

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Money Makers

By Alison Baker

Ideas for driving food and drink sales at your pub